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DSM Food Specialties

Enabling Better Food for Everyone

DSM Food Specialties is a leading global supplier of specialty food enzymes, cultures, bio-preservation solutions, hydrocolloids, savory ingredients and solutions for sugar reduction. We work with many of the world’s leading global and local dairy, baking, beverage and savory food brands to enable better food for everyone.

Our ingredients and solutions are widely used to create a broad range of food products from grocery favorites like yogurt, cheese and soups to specialized products like gluten-free bread or beer, meat substitutes, lactose-free milk and sugar-reduced beverages. With nearly 150 years of experience in biotechnology and fermentation for the food industry, we aim to enable better food for everyone, helping make existing diets healthier and more sustainable, and giving increasing numbers of people around the world access to affordable, quality food.

There are five main market trends driving demand for our products: sugar reduction, enhanced taste experience, improved health and wellness, bio-preservation and food chain efficiency. At DSM we are fully committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable food producers to capture the opportunities presented by these trends, providing valuable consumer and market insights alongside our innovative specialty ingredients.

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