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Building & Construction

From road marking to heavy lifting

Our resins, plastics and fibers are used in everything from anti-graffiti coatings for buildings to floor coatings, from industrial lifting and pulling gear to parts for large constuction plant and machinery.
Building & Construction

Our resins and plastics are increasingly finding uses in construction, replacing conventional materials, improving performance and reducing environmental impact. For instance, our composite materials are used to manufacture the huge façade panels fronting office buildings and our bio-based engineering plastics are now found in window insulating profiles and roofing membranes.

Floor coatings

In floor coatings – whether wooden, concrete or PVC – our resins like NeoCryl® last longer and contain less solvents than the current alternatives.

For the flat wooden panels commonly used in construction, our NeoCryl acrylic resins provide such a huge advantage (speed, cost, convenience), that they have now almost completely replaced solvent-borne products. In fact, in most areas of carpentry and joinery we offer resins for stains, paints and varnishes that provide both protection and decoration.

Commercial lifting and pulling

Traditionally, steel was the only fiber sturdy enough for industrial lifting and pulling – until Dyneema®, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material. This lightweight fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, yet weighs far less. This brings much-improved efficiency to the building environment. Just as importantly, pulleys and lines made with Dyneema are far healthier and safer for people to work with.

Cut-resistant gloves

The human element

Continuing this theme of protection, Dyneema is even used as the key ingredient in a new generation of protective gloves that combine cut resistance with comfort for the wearer.