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Electrical & Electronics

Smaller, thinner, smarter

From connectors used in portable consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets and notebooks; to power leads and halogen-free miniature components; to specialty resins that safeguard the world’s fiber-optic cables, our materials and expertise are helping to make Electrical & Electronics (E&E) a better, greener experience.
Electrical Components

Plugging into powerful performance

We’ve been in the electrical business for more than 25 years, our high performance plastics are found in electrical components and products across the full spectrum of power distribution applications.

From air circuit breakers (ACB) for power distribution products to miniature circuit breakers for end products, from household socket panel switches to industrial contactors, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ performance requirements with more sustainable and durable products to replace traditional solutions.

Electronic components

Next-generation electronics

The breadth of electronic devices continues to boom – as does their functionality and sophistication – from wearables to smartphones and tablets to notebooks and desktops, they are intrinsic to our lives.

At the same time, data rates increase and higher speeds and more bandwidth place higher demands on the servers and telecoms infrastructure needed to be able to manage mobile connectivity, the transmission of heavy video content over IP networks in high-resolution formats and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Against this backdrop and as a part of our wider sustainability drive, DSM's high performance plastics offer increased miniaturization, ‘thinovation’ (slimmer) and better integration - reducing the number of components in electronic devices, servers and infrastructure. In the process we’re reducing the environmental impact across the total life cycle - from hazardous materials and emissions to energy and water use, recycling, use of rare earth metals and minerals and reduction of carbon footprint.

Fiber optic coatings

Connecting the world

Of course, without fiber-optic cable there is no fast internet connecting the world. And without UV-curable coatings, there is no fiber-optic cable. As the world’s leading supplier of fiber optic coatings, which help assure signal reliability and protect fibers from harsh environmental conditions, our products are used by the world’s leading telecommunications companies, extending fiber lifespans to 30 years and beyond.

Coating resins for E&E

Our waterborne, powder and UV curable resins also provide unique, functional properties in coatings for the electrical and electronics sector, with benefits ranging from decreased conductivity on circuit boards to improved scratch-resistance of TV housings, white goods and other household appliances, from helping to prevent the fading of coatings used on lighting to giving a smartphone a soft, smooth feel resistant to stains and everyday wear.

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