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Accelerating the shift to renewable energy  

To accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon economy, DSM aims to enable the use of renewables. Through innovations and technologies we are developing solutions that scale sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels.

DSM began as a Dutch coal mining company but, over more than a century, we have evolved into the global, science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials we are today. Accelerating the shift to renewable energy is key, which is why we take action: not only in our own energy sourcing, but also in how we develop our solutions portfolio.

With our competences in both materials sciences and life sciences, we are uniquely positioned to improve and scale three major areas where the shift to renewables is occurring: solar, wind and bio-based energy.

Increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability of solar modules

Solar Energy

Solar panels (known as photovoltaic or PV modules) have become a mainstream source for power generation. In 2015, according to a report from the the Renewable Energy Policy Network (REN21), the solar PV accounted for 46% of new power capacity added globally. Continued strong market growth is expected as solar power becomes even more cost-competitive per kilowatt hour. DSM Advanced Solar aims to accelerate the uptake and effectiveness of solar energy. By focusing on the development and commercialization of technologies and materials, DSM helps to increase the efficiency and environmental sustainability of solar modules, reducing the cost of energy delivered.

Dyneema® used in ropes, lines and slings for constructing and operating onshore and offshore wind farms

Wind Energy

Wind-power will play a major role in decarbonizing electricity supply world-wide. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, it can be the most competitive option for adding new capacity to the grid, supplying 20% of global electricity by 2030.

DSM’s Dyneema® fibers are used in ropes, lines and slings for constructing and operating on- and offshore wind farms. From lifting and installing monopiles, nacelles and blades, to anchoring floating offshore wind farms, Dyneema proves to be the most reliable and cost efficient solution, helping developers cut the cost of renewable energy. Our coating resins are used in primers and top coats that perform consistently in the toughest outdoor conditions, providing a powerful shield to defend valuable wind turbines against the harshest environmental forces and extend their operational life.

Cellulosic ethanol from crop residue

Bio-based Energy

As the world increasingly seeks alternatives to fossil resources and progresses toward a more sustainable, bio-renewable economy, significant commercial opportunities are presenting themselves in advanced biofuels and in renewable chemical building blocks such as bio-based succinic acid. DSM Bio-based Products & Services pioneers several advances in biomass conversion and seeks to demonstrate the commercial viability of sustainable, renewable technologies in collaboration with strategic partners in the value chain.

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