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Designed for life

From innovative resins for fine wooden furniture, to ergonomic chairs in the workplace, to revolutionary furniture prototyping techniques, to our Niaga® technology that enables the carpet industry to close the carpet materials loop, DSM is sitting pretty in the furniture market.

If any single word summarizes the evolution of the furniture industry it’s ‘smart’. The drive towards sustainable processes and materials has gathered momentum in recent years as our customers strive to deliver smart, comfortable, beautiful furniture that lasts – with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Designing furniture

Sourcing sustainable materials for furniture is a given, but now the focus is turning to more sophisticated and ecologically sound processes. In this regard we’re working with some of the most iconic names in smart furniture to create innovative industrial designs using stereolithography.

Coating resins

Our resins are critical in enabling the three-dimensional modeling techniques capable of producing high quality customized furniture in days instead of weeks or months.

In industrial kitchen cabinet and furniture finishes, our Neocryl® acrylic resin is fast replacing environmentally unfriendly solvent-borne products like nitrocellulose – with no compromise on product appearance or painting operations.

Plastic components

Furniture components

We’re also leading the trend in better ergonomics, comfort and functionality in furniture: In high-end office seating we’re replacing metal parts with plastic components that are lighter, stronger and more flexible - while retaining high-quality surface aesthetics and looks. For example, our Akulon® polyamide is now used for office furniture structural components like chair arms, seats, backs and bases. It’s been certified ‘cradle-to-cradle’ by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency – meaning that it scores highly in human and environmental health attributes and safety.