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Packaging & Graphic Arts

The complete package

Our expertise in printing technologies, applications and materials science results in inks, coatings and adhesives that meet our customers’ most stringent requirements, while our family of advanced polymers are used particularly in the demanding food packaging segment, where safety is paramount. Our Biomedical business also provides medical device contract packaging & sterilization services.

Increasingly the world’s brands are working to satisfy consumers’ desires for safe, user-friendly and attractive packaging, combined with green, clean products with a minimal carbon footprint. Meeting these needs on a global scale is what we’re all about.

Coating Resins for Packaging

Resins for Packaging

People around the world eat and drink pre-packed food every day. They can do this safely thanks to our coating resins, which are used to print, coat, label and seal the colorful packaging. Passports all over the globe are printed and laminated using our resins, making them reliable, durable and of a quality that is not easily imitated. Special gifts get their beautiful finish thanks to our materials.

Drawing upon our broad know-how and understanding of the Packaging industry and our customers’ needs, we develop innovative resin solutions that deliver the best performance in specialist markets including adhesives, blisterpack adhesives, can coatings, digital printing, effect coatings, flexible packaging inks, functional coatings, heat seal coatings, paper and board printing and printable coatings.

Barrier film

High Performance Plastics

Our family of advanced polymers are particularly used in food and medical packaging where safety is of paramount importance. Our Akulon® polyamide is fast becoming the material of choice for film formulators looking for an excellent barrier material that extends the shelf life of packaged food – and thus avoids the environmental and financial cost of food waste. It’s good barrier performance, high temperature sterilization resistance, puncture resistance & mechanical performance also make it ideal for packaging for sterilized surgical devices.

Our bio-based EcoPaXX® polyamide is very well suited for making thin, strong transparent films with high puncture resistance and a high barrier for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Hydrolysis resistance makes the films very suitable for steam-sterilizable packaging and its chemical and high-heat resistance also makes technical films feasible.

Our Arnitel® family of Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers offer some unique benefits to the packaging industry – largely based on their outstanding performance in extreme temperatures coupled with breathability and processing benefits.

Contract Medical Device Packaging & Sterilization Services

Medical Device Contract Packaging & Sterilization

DSM collaborates with its customers to provide fully packaged and sterilized products made to the highest manufacturing and quality assurance standards to ensure easy in hospital use, convenience and safety.

DSM provides package design expertise and assistance to meet all packaging, labelling and branding requirements to meet all Custom Contract Packaging Development needs. This also includes conducting the necessary validations for FDA and ISO regulatory approval and many sterilization methods and validations for our customers’ finished packages or subassemblies.

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