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Eileen Jackson

Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Nutritional Sciences

Rational Design Expert, Skin Care
Eileen Jackson

I’m currently working on...

Many exciting projects that aim to develop novel, safe, and efficient skin care actives. I’m responsible for establishing and leading the Molecular Modeling & Rational Design competence at DSM Personal Care, so I’m involved in the very early stages of innovation projects. I use molecular modeling tools to better understand the chemical features responsible for a molecule’s biological activity. I then apply this information to identifying and optimizing new molecules to be further developed.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is...

Working at the interface of chemistry, biology, and computation to understand how chemical structure affects biological function. As part of this work, I’m lucky to collaborate with many people across different fields. Together, we can create a better picture of what is necessary to ensure our ingredients will be safe and efficient. I believe that the greater our scientific understanding, the better our capacity to use this information to improve people’s lives.

The breakthrough I would most like to see made in my field is...

A better integration of chemistry and biology data to improve our predicting capabilities. There’s already a large amount of chemical and biological data available, and even more is generated every day. However, despite the fact there are many efforts under way to organize, model, and interpret this information, we’re still far from a common system that is fully able to exploit this data.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Molecular modeling
  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Cheminformatics
  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Stanford University (USA)
  • Post-Doc, Asymmetric Hydrogenations, University of Basel (Switzerland)
  • Post-Doc, Medicinal Chemistry, University of Basel (Switzerland)

Based in:

Kaiseraugst, Switzerland